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Apratim Rajib is the pseudonym of a young poet, critic and freethinker from Bangladesh. A postgraduate in English Literature from Dhaka University, he started his literary endeavor in school life. He is a bilingual writer and composes poems and articles in Bangla and English.

Kaler Collage (1993-’95) is an anthology of his early poems. Anantim (2016-’17) is his most recent work. Samudra-Manthan (2007-’08) was published in 2010 as a book, which he has edited in the web version here. Monopoly Board (2013-’14), Mogoj Restaurant (2014-’15) and Progress Report (2015-’16) are his other poetical works. First Aid Box is an anthology of his selected poems. And he has translated the famous English-language poet Kaiser Haq’s poems in Kaiser Haqer Nirbachita Kabita.

Among his English articles, Bangla Literature: A Critical Overview is the most remarkable. It’s a critique of thousand years old Bangla literature. And he has expressed his ideas on miscellaneous things in Scattered Thoughts.

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